How to use Social Media to Make money selling Recipes Online

Social media platforms provide a stellar opportunity for making money online. Indeed, they provide the easiest way of making money selling recipes online. If you’ve never done this and you are wondering how you can harness the social channels, you are in the right place. We shall guide you on how to do that in the easiest way possible.

1)  Select the most convenient social media channel

There are many social media channels, but not all will be convenient for you. You need to narrow down to the most appropriate for your circumstance and that cater to your business goals and audience preferences. Launch your recipe career on a social platform that you currently have connections will increase your chances of succeeding online. The first clients are people who know you and believe in you. So your relatives and friends on social media can provide you with whatever the channels you pick to launch your online recipe business. You must portray yourself as an expert because no one would hire your recipe services if they doubt your skills.

2)  Link your social media accounts

If you have social media profiles on different social media platforms, it can be an excellent idea to link them. That way, you can maintain consistent messages on all the social media platforms. It is also a unique way to demonstrate that your business is not only organized but dependable. Having different social media channels for your online recipe business can cause a significant challenge when it comes to updating each of them individually. Luckily, there are many tools available online that can help you to link all your social media channels together. Hence, you can simultaneously update all your accounts with a single post. Facebook and Instagram provide you with internal tools embedded for linking to each other since one person owns them. Linking your online recipe, social media channels will enable you to monitor your social media presence with much ease.

3)  Interact with other recipe bloggers

Gaining followers on social media and being successful is not easy. You will need to lay down a sound strategy. Interacting with fellow recipe bloggers is among the best ways of gaining traction on social media. Reach out to fellow recipe bloggers by liking and commenting on their posts. That way, they will also share and like your posts too. Building formidable relationships with other bloggers will enable you to get opportunities of not only posting on their social media platforms but also their blogs. Hence, you will create brand visibility that will get you more hires and collaborations. Such collaboration will enable you to become an influencer in the recipe blogging profession.

Make Money Selling Recipes Online

4)  Be consistent

Any online business, be it on social media, or even a website requires consistency. You have to engage your audience continually lest they move on to other recipe bloggers. Consistency provides your audience an opportunity to recognize your brand and thus grow your audience engagement and reach. For instance, you can plan on the days of the week and time when to post on your social platform. Consistency builds a routine so that your customers know when to expect your content, and when you release the material. The content receives high levels of engagement that includes likes and sharing. It becomes easy to sell your recipes to a highly engaged audience. You can also monetize social media traffic.

5)  Monetize your social media accounts

The best way to make money online selling recipes is to monetize your social media accounts. If you are wondering how you can monetize recipe social media account read on and find out the best way to go about it. To begin with, you can create a recipe online course. Recipe making is a skill that can benefit others. Once you have a sizeable following, and you’ve successfully carved a niche in the profession on social media, you can begin offering online recipe courses. Many people desire to cook. Hence you can be shocked with the number of people that can register for your course at a fee.

To popularize your online course, you can organize competition whereby the winner gets a free online course. If you have massive traffic, you can monetize the traffic by incorporating Ad Revenue Programs. The best way would be to target your content on the ads that you run on your social media platforms so that when visitors click, you earn some revenue. Since you are a recipe influencer, you can join an affiliate program and place links and recommend products to your audience. That way, you can gain income when you visitors buy products through your links. You can also approach sponsors who will be more than willing to pay you for endorsing their products.

6)  Harness paid advertising

While getting traffic organically is the best and cheapest way of gaining traffic. It’s not easy more so when you are starting. Using paid advertising can be the best way out provided you know how to use it to your advantage. Facebook also allows you to boost your posts to reach more people. The goodness with Facebook advertising is that it will enable you to target online recipe audience not only by region but also by age and other attributes.

7)  Quality content

The best way of succeeding selling recipes on social media and any other online platforms is by consistently providing helpful quality content. You must provide quality content in your niche so that your content is relevant to your audience. Also, providing relevant and quality content reduces bounce rates.


You can use social media to make money selling recipes online. The above points can help you to curve an online recipe career that can earn you a passive income.

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