How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money Selling Recipes Online in 2019

Although most people understand that starting a food blog is a good way of making money selling recipes online, most people do not know how to go about it. In this article, we shall take you through all the constituent steps that you should take to launch your food blog and sell your recipes online successfully. The goodness is that you do not need any technical skills.

One big mistake that bloggers make is choosing the wrong platform. We strongly advise using the WordPress hosted blogging platform to create your food blog.

Without much ado, here are the steps to follow to create your food blog:

a)   Buy a domain name

The first step is by buying a domain name for your food blog. The steps for purchasing a domain name begin with choosing a reliable domain registrar. After that, you can use a domain checker tool to check whether your proposed name is available for registration. The name you choose for your business can make or break your online business. Make the domain name short and easy to type, use relevant keywords, and let it be memorable. Also, target your area, avoid numbers and hyphen, and use an appropriate domain extension. A dot-com extension is the best for a commercial blog. After you have come up with your proposed names, you can check their availability using the domain checker tool. Pick your best option and complete your domain registration.

b)  Get hosting subscription

After you have a domain name, now you need to purchase hosting.  Be very careful when choosing a hosting service for your website because it can significantly impact on the success or failure of your online business. Things to look out for include speed, security, and support. You must also find out whether the hosting provider service is scalable. When you start getting traffic, you should be able to scale the hosting to cater for the traffic.

c)   Install WordPress

Proceed to your hosting (Cpanel) and click on the WordPress icon. Click on the get started button and choose your domain name on the drop-down menu. Enter your site name, username, and your site’s password and click install. After a successful WordPress installation, the success notice will appear in the top header bar. You should now click on the complete installation link to take you to the screen with your WordPress login URL and password. Your website will be ready, and so you can log in to the client area.

d)  Choose the best theme for your recipe food blog

Now that you have successfully installed your WordPress, you need to look for the best theme for your food blog. Choose a theme that has the look and feel of a food blog. The primary considerations include avoiding a bloated theme, choosing a responsive theme, the font should be easy to read, and a color that appeals to a recipe food blog. There are lots of free and paid WordPress food themes available online. A premium food theme will provide you with the best results. You can proceed to install your theme of choice.

Make Money Selling Recipes Online

e)   Choose the best recipe plugin

To rank your recipes in Google is not an easy task. That’s why you require a responsive recipe plugin to help in the ranking of your recipes in search engines. One such plugin is the WP Recipe Maker Plugin. The premium version of the plugin will give you the much needed enhanced features including SEO, user ratings, ingredient linking, taxonomies, and much more. Other competent plugins include Tasty Recipes which comes with abundant features to help enhance your recipe blogs’ publishing functionality. The Tasty Recipes plugin allows you to import your recipes from other platforms, including Meal Planner Pro, Ziplist, Cookbook, and many other WordPress Plugin. Another excellent online recipe plugin is the WP Ultimate Recipe that allows you to add customized servings to the recipe as well as a print-ready format. Others are Zip recipes and cooked.

f)    Monetize your blog

The primary purpose of starting your recipe food blog is to make money online. Therefore, after you have added your recipes on your website and its ready, you need to monetize your site to begin earning. If you have ample traffic, you can add Google Adsense on your websites. Google Adsense allows you to display ads on your online recipe food blog and earn whenever your visitors click on them. Besides, adding Google to your website does not require coding, and so you don’t need any help.

Affiliate marketing is another excellent way of monetizing your fashion blog. You will have to contact websites in the food industry and ask them to allow you to join their affiliate programs and to be able to promote their products. You can join the Amazon Affiliate program and gain the opportunity of promoting lots of food products registered on the program. That way, you can earn by referring your visitors to the Amazon products. Lastly’, you can make money selling recipe eBooks online. To be able to sell recipes on your website, you will need WooComerce. It is available as a WordPress plugin which you can install and add an online store on your recipe food blog.


Starting a food recipe blog is a sure way of earning money online selling recipes. However, before you start your online blog, you need to research thoroughly and make a decision before-hand about the route you will follow. In this article, we have given you important considerations when starting a recipe blog. Now you need to put the above points in action.

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