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How to Monetize Your Recipe Website.

Starting a recipe website is an excellent way to get people to try out your recipes. However, you need money to be able to share your talent with the world. Coming up with recipes is not cheap, you must have money to buy the ingredients, the photography and videography will also have a cost impact. You will keep on digging into your pockets every time you need to take care of any of the bills associated with running your food website. You must find a way of monetizing your website. We will explore some excellent ways you can do this in the article below.

· Monetizing Your Website

You already have your website, and you already have visitors who are engaging with your content. Use Google Analytics to show you how your website is performing. Knowing the numbers and what kind of content they engage with will help you come up with relevant material.

You must also aggressively take advantage of SEO so that the search engines push more traffic to your site. When you have a large number of visitors, it makes it very easy for you to monetize your website. So let’s go straight into it.

· Pay per Click Advertising

You can make some money on your food website through pay-per-click advertising. Take advantage of platforms such as Google ad sense to make some money. The provider will generate ads that target a specific audience on your site. Anytime someone clicks on the link you earn a commission.

· Selling Ad Space

You may be lucky enough to attract more than 200000 visitors onto your website every month. You can make money by selling ad space through feature banners, display ads, pop-up ads, among others. You will be able to negotiate different payment options. For instance, for every 1000 impressions, you get a certain amount. Others will incorporate the Cost Per Action (CPA) where you answer money when someone likes, retweets, among others. You will find some next talks on Google such as DoubleClick, InClick, and OpenX, among others. The key to making money is by ensuring that you have high traffic to your website. You must work at creating fantastic food recipes that will have people flocking to your site.

· Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has made it possible for anyone who is running a website to make some money. You open an account with affiliate programs; they will then give you an affiliate link to post on your website. You earn a commission every time someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase. You will find some excellent structures depending on the company you are working with. Amazon is one of the most popular. You have the option of putting links on all your website pages, thereby making it more likely for you to earn a commission.

· You Can Feature Sponsored Ads

Featuring sponsored ads is another great way to make money on your website. It depends on the number of visitors you have, and you must work at creating the right audience base. Anyone who wants to advertise their products on your website will need to know that you can showcase their products to a large number of people.

You can also feature product reviews or advertorials on your website. Reviews are a great way to pass information, but you must present a balanced article. The reviews must highlight the pros and cons of whatever you are promoting. Only then can the customers have faith that you are not only in it to make money. You must also be careful about the products you feature because any negative reviews may negatively impact on your site.

· Think About Digital Products

You already have a talent in creating amazing recipes. An eBook will give you an additional source of income.

Recipe Website

· Use Email Lists For Additional Benefits

Email list not only allows you to reach your audience quickly, but they will also allow you to make some good money. You can target your audiences directly with regards to particular goods or services. You must, however, be careful that you do not overwhelm your viewers with your emails. Most people will send promotional material right to the junk or spam folder. However, if you position your pieces as informational articles or reviews, you may generate a positive outcome. You must ensure that your audience targeting is on point so that you only communicate with those who you know have an interest in what you have to offer.

· Online Tutorials

You have the skill; now use it to make some money by teaching others how to cook. There are many people out here would like to learn the culinary skill but may not have the money or time to go to a college. You can offer online tutorials that you customize as per the requirement of your online students.  It will help them learn from the comfort of their homes, at their own pace, and their schedule.

Also create content that you sell as a package, much like many other people who offer online tutorials do.

· Membership Sites

Membership sites offer premium content for their audience’s. It may not be something that is initially available to you when you are just starting. However, with time and the more your profile grows, you will find that some online users do not mind spending money for particular things.


When you are starting a recipe website, you must think beyond sharing free content to how you can make some money out of it. Many sites will dwindle out of sight because their owners are unable to meet the costs of running it. What you must ensure is that you continue to build traffic to your website. Many companies are looking for ways to promote their products, and are willing to pay a commission for every sale you help them make. If you can get the recipe website to run itself, you can continue to generate amazing recipes for a very very long time.

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