7 Essential Enterprise Ecommerce Video Marketing Stats

If you’re looking into the future of eCommerce beyond 2020, you may have noticed that eCommerce video trends are on the rise. To get more web visitors and convert them to increase sales on your eCommerce business, you need to have stats to make informed decisions.

We’ve analyzed ten vital enterprise eCommerce video stats for your e-store that are important for the growth of your business. Besides, statistics show that 52% of consumers are more confident when they encounter video content when shopping online.

How Will Video Drive Traffic and Impact Purchasing Decisions

Provides Valuable Information

If someone visits your page and doesn’t know what to do, they can hop on YouTube and look for video reviews that will help them understand so that they can proceed to purchase.

In the next three years global online eCommerce is predicted to increase significantly. Also, statistics indicate that 51% of Americans have access to the internet and prefer to shop online. When it comes to video, YouTube is the global leader in video content hosting.

Other countries may use other hosting platforms for video content but in the U.S YouTube is the leading video search engine with over half of all keyword searches turning up to be video. Furthermore, most online consumers turn to see videos daily on newsfeed on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Therefore, it’s vital that retailers in the U.S market should strategize and optimize for video content transfer to eCommerce.

Helps to Reach a New Audience

The influence of video on the customers shopping behavior is something to think about when you want to strategize for your e-store marketing to drive more traffic on your site and generate more revenue.

On the other hand, if you’re looking into branded videos that focus on reaching a new audience, there are many opportunities that an eCommerce enterprise retailer can leverage on like tutorial videos on how to use a particular product. Also, you can create other types of videos that can foster customer engagement making them more loyal to your brand.

Millennials are incredibly active on YouTube making up the largest audience and spending an average of 10 hours and 15 minutes daily on this platform. They are also more likely to make a purchasing decision through their smartphones presenting a massive opportunity for eCommerce enterprise brands to capitalize on video trends and reach out to the millennials.

The millennials are more comfortable to make a purchase decision online than any other generation. Besides, with the rise of well-designed and responsive eCommerce websites, mobile optimization will be an SEO tactic that will impact the buying decision of the younger generation.

Improves Conversion

Video marketing is an excellent way to convert traffic into consumers. Your video content should be compelling and not sales focused as consumers can tend to get bored. ECommerce video content should be something that will give your customer value in regards to the product they are looking forward to purchasing.

How to videos are incredibly useful to attracting visitors making them 3.5 times more likely to purchase a product after engaging with video content. These ‘How-to” videos are popular content types with more than 135 million ‘How-to’ videos that demonstrate how to use a product.

Now, quickly let’s dive in and see the most important essential of video marketing stats that eCommerce websites can significantly benefit from in 2020.

7 Essential Video Marketing Stats for Your Online Business

  1. Increased Revenue

Statistics indicate that by 2020, 72% of mobile traffic will watch online videos. Therefore, eCommerce retailers will need to find ways to make video content marketing part of a customer’s shopping journey for a surefire way to increase revenue.

In 2020, we will see more eCommerce stores looking for smart ways to market their brands with optimized video content to increase sales.

  1. Increased Traffic

76% of businesses across the board have reported improving their web traffic and increased conversion rates for increased revenue. If more people visit your site, your brand becomes more reputable.

  1. Reduced Support Calls

53% of businesses reported that video content has helped them reduce the number of support calls saving time and efficiency. Besides, video content about your products on your eCommerce website will help you save money and have satisfied happy consumers.

  1. Value Watch Length of 2.7 Minutes

The length of an eCommerce video marketing content should neither be too long or too short. Instead, you should aim to make content that will give your customer value. Many tutorial videos on YouTube are centered on beauty and cosmetics making up 17% of YouTube content.

Therefore, if your eCommerce store sells cosmetics, it may be a wise decision to launch a few tutorials to attract customers in your online shop.

  1. Increase Consumer Confidence

84% of customers will feel more confident to purchase a product they have watched online. Here, product review videos become essential as most customers find it comfortable and convenient to buy online after watching a video.

What this means is that eCommerce retailers need to craft videos and strategies to meet the needs of video-content hungry consumers.

  1. Consumers Prefer Watching a Video than Reading Content

Most people prefer to watch a video and learn about a product than reading. An explainer video about a company presents a tremendous opportunity to attract customers to your eCommerce website. Also, millennials are more likely to follow a brand’s video content.

Additionally, product videos on your web will make visitors more likely to think of your eCommerce enterprise more highly for increased confidence.

  1. Social Media and Email Campaign Tactic

80% of online businesses that use video content in their email campaign believe it’s an effective way of branding their companies. Also, 78% of companies using video marketing strategy in their business think it’s an effective tactic that increases customer engagement.

Bottom Line

In recent years, mobile search overtook PC search. As blog competition rises and click-through on display ads continue to decrease, video marketing could be the solution that will make your eCommerce enterprise shine. We recommend you check one of the best ecommerce online store to build your website.