Selling recipes on Etsy

Common Mistakes to Avoid for Etsy Recipe Sellers

Etsy is an excellent platform for selling recipe online. However, many recipe sellers fail to succeed on the platform because they didn’t have enough information and advise on how to go about launching their shops. To help you succeed on the platform, we’ll walk you through some of the common mistakes and how to avoid them when you start your Etsy recipe shop.

·        Not carrying out a comprehensive research

Most people rush to launch their recipe shop on Etsy hoping to make money only to find out that they are not selling. What they forget is that starting a shop on Etsy is a business like any other and requires thorough research. You need to take your time to study and understand the platform. Reading How To guides can help you to know beforehand what you expect. A readout on the Etsy policies so that you are aware of how to use the platform without going against the laid down rules. Also, seeking help from other experienced sellers on the platform can help you to avoid costly mistakes.

You also have to research on your niche. You need, for instance, to know what is the competition. That involves knowing who are the top Etsy recipe sellers. You can utilize CraftCount, a free website that tracks Etsy sellers. Try to find out the titles and tags this top seller are using, as well as which keywords they are targeting. Also, find out how they are branding. All this is important to give you an idea. Avoid copying the top sellers and instead come up with unique recipes that will offer something fresh to the customers.

·        Avoid using low-quality photos on Etsy recipe shop

The images you use in your recipe shop will determine the perception customers will have of your shop. As the saying goes, a picture is a thousand words. Using cheap low-quality pictures will hurt your online recipe shop as no one will be interested in buying your recipes. Hence, always make sure that the photos you upload on your Etsy shop are of the highest quality, close-up, and outrightly creative.

Selling recipes on Etsy

·        Using not so well-thought Tittles

The choice of the first words in your title can significantly impact your recipe shop. The words you use will determine whether your shop will appear in search. Hence, try to be creative with your first five words of your tittles. You can visit the best recipe sellers on Etsy to find out how they are framing their titles so that you can write even better tittles. We emphasize that if you’re not able to come up with high-quality, relevant titles, you should consider contracting freelancers on platforms like Fiverr, People Per Hour, and others to get your titles written professionally.

·        Check the descriptions

If you describe your recipes nicely, you stand a high chance of selling. Many shops on Etsy perform dismally because of the failure of writing a one’ line description that does not excite the buyer. Don’t get us wrong; we are not advising you to write a book, that won’t work. All you need is to think and come up with a description that is as descriptive as possible.  The description should be concise and provide the customer with vital information to help them to learn about your product and the value inherent in it. It is also advisable to link your shops’ other sections at the bottom of each description. That allows your shop visitors to check out other recipes in your shop.

·        Keywords

Another huge mistake that recipe shop owners on Etsy make is not targeting keywords. Any online business needs to appreciate the importance of SEO. You need to research the phrases that users are looking for recipes online type in the search engines. Optimizing your shop for such keywords would mean that your shop pops up whenever a user searches for recipes.  Also, the tags are crucial in helping your online store’s discoverability.

·        Not using shop announcements

The shop announcements allow you to make; 9 crucial announcements about your products. If you have a new recipe, it helps to announce and inform the Etsy community about it. You need to keep your announcements fresh. Make sure to choose the most appropriate words to use in your announcements. Remember that the first words of your announcements appear in Google hence make sure to use words that trigger a click and hence a visit to your Etsy recipe shop.

·        The about section

Many Etsy users know the importance of using the About Section of their shop. Here is the place where your visitors go to find a brief summary of your shop and your product. This is your public profile, and so, it should tell your brand story. The about section tells the, visitors, what your brand is all about as well as who are the people behind the brand. Try to put the best perception of your brand to make visitors fall in love with your brand. Remember that if you do not use your About section, you lose it.

·        Social Media

Avoiding social media is the best way of planning to fail. Billions of people across the world are using social media daily. Hence it’s an excellent platform for engaging with your buyers. It’s also the best place to get genuine feedback about your recipes. While Etsy gives you the storefront, social media provides you the opportunity to market your recipe shop. Some of the social media platforms that you should harness include Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snap Chat, and sharing sites like, Wanelo and Fancy could be helpful. You can take advantage of readily available online tools to integrate all your social media platforms to maintain your brand consistency and manageability. Starting a recipe blog could also be a great idea.

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