6 Ways to Make Money Selling Recipes Online

Would you like to learn effective ways to sell your online recipes and gain some money from it? Then this article will give you 5 essential tips that you must try now! So, make sure to keep on reading. 


1.   Social Media Platforms such as Facebook

If you thought that social media was only for connecting with friends, you are wrong. In 2018, Facebook made an annual revenue of $55.8 billion. That shows you how social media is a serious business, and people are willing to spend money on the platform. But how can you make money selling recipes on Facebook? First, you can join a Facebook group. A closed Facebook recipe group can get you in touch with other recipe bloggers and people willing to buy your recipes. A closed group is the most ideal since it protects users against spammers. Once you prove your ability and skills, you’ll get lots of gigs and make good money easily.

2.   Join Freelance platforms

Many freelance platforms can give you the best exposure and get people ordering your recipe content. Upwork is leading in this area. You only need to register and create professional profiles that market your recipes. If you have a portfolio, sharing it increases your chances of getting hired to write content on recipes. Other equally good freelance platforms include freelancer.com. However, we should mention that such platforms will have stiff competition compared to recipe websites for individuals. But, if you are good and you put in the hardwork, you can become a top-rated freelancer and get many jobs at very high rates. The platforms usually take a percentage from your earning but is nothing compared to the opportunity you get to showcase your skills to the global community.

3.   Advertise your services on Freelance workforce platforms

You can also pitch and make money selling your recipes on freelance workforce sites like Fiverr, and People per Hour. You have to register and create a profile on the platforms. To stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of buyers in these platforms requires that you need to use high-quality images, and offer the quickest turnaround. Once you get the first clients, do ask them to give you feedback and rate your service. People mostly buy from freelancers who have a track record. However, do not pressure your customers into writing you a positive review; you might even lose them. It is also invaluable to give discounts on your service.

However, you must ensure not to compromise on your profitability. You can consider giving a small discount to first-time buyers to provide them with an opportunity to test your service. You can offer a discount on bulk orders; it is a proven way of encouraging your customers to buy in bulk. But, your eventual success will depend on your quality of service.

4.   Offer recipe content Services to bloggers

There are many recipe bloggers online who might want to purchase your content for their blogs. The truth is that most bloggers are busy and do not get enough time to write blogs for their community. Contacting such bloggers, specifically in the food niche, can be a great way to get writing gigs for the websites. So how do you go about getting bloggers to buy your recipes? First, you need to create a profile where you can provide a link to the bloggers to enable them to see some of your jobs. If you do not have a website or if your work is not yet published online, you can offer them your LinkedIn profile. You can even publish some of your recipes or food content on the platform. You can then share the links with the bloggers. Sharing your samples can also land you such jobs. You need to be very professional when contacting bloggers. Bloggers will give you the opportunity, only when you convince them that you have what it takes to deliver excellent recipes and content.

5.   Start your Food blog

Another excellent way to make money online is with a food blog. If you do not know how to go about this, don’t worry, we will briefly take you through the basics. There are many options available to you to start a food blog. First, you might opt for ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, 3dcart, WooCommerce, Volusion, Prestashop, Weebly, and SquarePace. Among the advantages of ecommerce platforms is that you can start selling immediately since the ecommerce platforms provide tools that allow you to create your website with a few clicks. You are not required to purchase hosting services as the site is hosted for you. Besides, the ecommerce platforms are highly responsive, and they have great uptime.

However, since you are hosted on another entities platform, you do not have much freedom. Platforms like Shopify do charge transaction fees if you use a third-party payment gateway. If you desire more control and freedom for your recipe blog, you can go for WordPress. WordPress also offers you great and easy navigation through pages. However, customization needs coding, and it requires regular updates. Once you have your recipe blog ready, you can write high-quality content and monetize the content with affiliate links. You can also market your recipes on the website. Once you have enough traffic, you can integrate Google ads to monetize the huge traffic.

Make Money Selling Recipes Online


You can make good money selling your recipes online. The above points can help you establish yourself as a recipe professional. As long as you have the drive, this guide is what you need to launch your online career selling recipes.

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