6 Steps to Obtain a Domain Name for Your Business

Every business should have a registered domain name, which is a unique name that customers type into their browsers to find you online. Getting a domain name is one of the things you need to do to impress your first-time visitors. As soon as you think of a perfect domain name, seek to register it as soon as you can as hundreds of them are recorded daily, and your excellent choice might be taken! This article will give you the steps to take to get that perfect domain for your business and the most reputable registrars in the market:

Choose your domain

Most people already have an idea of what their domain name should be, but while choosing a domain name, make it simple, short (below ten characters), and easy to remember. Again, avoid having numbers, hyphens, and other characters as they might make your site sound shady.

Also, avoid having difficult to spell domain names or names with foreign words and letters. Be sure to select a brandable domain that describes your site’s content or area of business.

Choose your domain registrar

There are hundreds of registrars in the markets, so be careful as you choose. Different registrars provide different types of services, extra features, and pricing. Check that your registrars have excellent reviews online and are accredited by ICANN, the organization that manages the Domain Name System.

Search for your domain name

Most reputable registrars have a domain availability tool, which you can choose to check whether your domain is available. Another thing to consider would be the Top Level Domain, commonly called extensions. This is the part of the domain after the dot (.com or .org). The most common one and also most recommended would be .com, though you can use .org if you are a non-profit or .uk, .us or .ca to show your country.

Enter your details

The registrar will now ask you for some personal and contact information for the Whois database, then select whether your profile should be private or public.

Pay the registration fees

These fees are usually available as you check for your domain availability, but be sure to check thoroughly for other hidden costs and unnecessary add-ons that will blow up your bill. Different registrars charge different fees but check through them to get the fairest deal. Some TLDs are costlier than others, and so are domain names with popular keywords. Other registrars will give you a free domain if you decide to have them host your site as well.

As soon as your payment is verified, you can use your domain name or pack it till you have a functioning website. Consider paying for your domain for at least two-three years, as registering for one year will mean paying renewal fees that are higher by almost $4.

Map your domain to your website

Visit your domain management panel and enter your website’s primary and secondary servers. This will link up your domain name to your site.

The best domain registrars in the market


GoDaddy is one of the oldest registrars in the market and is currently the market leader with over 18 million clients. You can obtain their domain registration services from anywhere in the world, and offer you all common TLDs, plus a host of country-specific and generic ones like .blog For a .com and .net domains, you pay $11.99, while a .org costs $7.99 for the first year. With GoDaddy, you have access to a free website builder for one month, Whois privacy for $7.99/year, email accounts for $4.49/month and SSL certificate for $55.99/year.


As its name suggests, NameCheap is a small registrar that is gaining traction in the market for its low-cost charges and extra features. With NameCheap, you can register a domain name with any of the most common and recent TLDs or extensions. For instance, you can pay $10.69 for the first year for a .com, $12.88 for a .net or $12.48 for a .org domain. You also get free Whois privacy and a free integrated email account. They charge $1.99 for an SSL certificate, $0.25/month for additional e-mail accounts and VPS hosting for $19.95 for the first year.

Another popular domain registrar is, which is currently managing over 2.4 million domain names. They offer a wide selection of common, generic and country-specific TLDs for your selection. A .com goes for $9.99, .net for $10.99, a .org for $14.99 and a .co for $11.99. other features include SSL certificates for $31.99/year,  G Suite for e-mail forwarding at $4.17/month, and VPS hosting for $29.70/month.


DreamHost offers you both domain registration and excellent website hosting services. If you want a one-stop solution with over 400 TLDs to choose from, DreamHost is a great option. Another reason to choose DreamHost is that recommends them for hosting a WordPress site. A .com costs $11.95, while both .net and .org cost $13.95 for the first one year. They offer free Whois privacy, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and free basic hosting for your domains, and access to their website builder, Remixer. You can host a WordPress site for $16.95/month.

Since 1994, has been one of the most reputable domain registration sites and manages about 2.2 million domain names. They offer you a selection of 300 TLDs; with a .com going for $8.88, .org for $10.23, a .co for $26 and a .net for $11.41. They have a domain expiration policy for $10, Whois at $11/year, SSL certificates at $24/year and a single user email for $39.90 per year. You can get a multi-user business e-mail for $169.90/year.


A domain name is an excellent option for you, whether you run a blog or a business. This worthy investment will make your site rank higher on search engines, look more distinguished and improve customers’ and readers’ impression of your site. The best way to make the most of your domain name is to choose a reliable domain registrar.