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10 Ways You Can Start Making Money by Selling Recipes on Etsy

If you’re a gifted cooker, you can make money online by selling your recipes. One excellent platform that can help you showcase your cooking skills and make money is the Etsy platform.To take advantage of Etsy, you will need to set up your shop on the platform.In this article will show you how best you can succeed on Etsy.

Here are the 10 tips to help you make money on Etsy

1.   Be Competitive

The Etsy platform has a lot of competition because many entrepreneurs are selling the same product. Hence, you need to have a strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd. You need to understand the market like the back of your hand. Understanding your target customers will help you to come up with recipes that will provide a solution for your customers. You need to check out other recipe shops on Etsy and find out the gap that you can utilize and become the go-to recipe maker. You also need to utilize photography to achieve high-quality images that will portray your shop as the best, and be able to attract lots of customers.

2.   Research and use relevant keywords

Using the appropriate keywords will help you drive traffic to your Etsy shop. The fact is that your listing title is a sales pitch to search engines and so you must ensure that you use keywords that many online users type in the search engines when they search for recipes online. It’s advisable that your keywords in your titles and tags should match. The secret of being found on Etsy is to leverage your tittle. Websites such as have tools that integrate with Etsy that can help you to get the best keywords for your recipe.

3.   Use multichannel ecommerce platforms

Even if you are on Etsy, you need to streamline your inventory management, advertise and fulfill orders. The best way to achieve this is to use a multichannel ecommerce platform as BigCommerce provides you with a single dashboard where you can manage all your listings. It also helps you to share your recipes not only on Etsy, but also on many other channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Amazon, and eBay. This will, in turn, help increase your sales.

4.   Write recipe listings that sell

Writing listing that sells is no easy task. It’s important that you know what kind of recipes will attract the most attention and thus generate more sales. If you are unable to write attractive recipe listings, you don’t have to lose hope. You can hire professional Etsy product listing writers to write for you high-quality listings that can attract buyers for your recipes. Fiverr is an excellent platform where you can get freelance that can write your quality recipe listings at a small fee.

5.   Avoid copyright infringement

While selling on Etsy and other online platforms is an excellent idea, it can cause you a lot of harm if you do not follow the right approach. Copyright issues are among the issues that can adversely affect your Etsy recipe business.  Selling recipes that are licensed or patented with other people can see you sued. Hence, you need to consult an attorney for advice about Copyright and Trademark laws. Companies do pursue individual sellers on the platform for copyright infringement. Therefore, it is better to use a small fee on patenting your recipes than to risk getting sued and ordered to pay a hefty amount of money damages. Etsy can also shut down your online recipe shop if they have proof that you have infringed on others intellectual property.

6.   Work hard and take your Etsy shop serious

Making money online is no easy task. Online trading is work like any other, and so you should understand that you can only make money if you take it as a job. If you treat your Etsy recipe business as a hobby, you would be paid like a hobby. Hence, you should ensure that you have excellent title and tags, use high-quality images, and research to find the best keywords that will drive traffic to your online shop.You have to invest your time and resources in your Etsy shop, and you will make money.

7.   Engage your customers

Online buyers want to know the person behind the products. Hence, it an excellent idea to engage your customers. Engaging with your clients helps you to get to know what they think of your recipes and what they don’t. It gives you the opportunity of improving your recipes to your customer’s expectation. An excellent way to engage with your customers is doing a Facebook live video. Such a live video can drive lots of traffic and engagement to your Etsy shop.

8.   Avoid competing on price

When you join Etsy, you’ll find that every recipe seller has its price. Do not try to offer the lowest price because that will also trigger other traders to lower their prices. Remember, customers, do not consider only pricing when buying. They first consider the quality of your product. If you offer a higher quality recipe with the best customer service, you’ll have returning customers.

9.   Renew your listing and stay relevant

Growing your Etsy recipe shop requires that you keep updating your recipes. That’s how you can manage to keep your customers returning for more recipes. You need to stay relevant to outdo your competition, and that means researching and adding more recipes. You will find that each time you add new recipes, your sales increase.

10.              Utilize automatic ads

Apart from using relevant keywords, you can also turn on automatic ads. At a small fee, the ads will increase your impression, traffic, clicks, and sales. The ads provide the best return on investment (ROI).

Selling Recipes on Etsy

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